Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Dr Who

My mum and I made these from cardboard punch outs - they are very cool and realistic!

Psychic Wallet with access to Torchwood showing

Psychic Wallet

Sonic Screwdriver - zap mode

Sonic Screwdricer closed - non zap mode


  1. Hi Elliot, you double-blogger you!
    These are fantastic! You're right, they both look very realistic, I really thought that the wallet at the top was a real wallet! It must be because they've printed it to look like leather, with the stitching and everything. Me and Mathew watched the new Dr Who on Saturday, we really enjoyed it! I like the new Doctor and the new assistant too.

    See ya... a week on Friday!
    Joey :D

  2. I watched Dr Who too. I really liked the new doctor.
    From Elliot and Dwayne