Monday, 6 September 2010

A New Pal for Anorak

I have just found out that I have won the competition to design Anoraks Happy Pal. I am so incredibly pleased because it is my favourite comic EVER. The competition was to design a happy pal for the character Anorak from the magazine. This is my entry, Coat the dog.

Click on the picture for a close up.

Here is the announcement about the competition on Anoraks Blog

There is an awesome list of prizes, I am particularly looking forward to going to the circus.
I cannot wait for the Autumn issue of Anorak to come out so I can see Coat with his new friend I hope they will be very happy together.

If you want to see Coat with Anorak for yourself you can order the Autumn issue which is all about friendship at Anorak Shop